Tempos - Since magic isn't permitted for any reason

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Published on November 23, 2021
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Garrosh's upbringing and training, Garadar started as a pox camp and later became an asylum for Maghar and other orcs fleeing the old Horde. However, this wasn't the case all the time. He had a fever in his younger years, but he didn't always get sick. Garrosh as well as the other young orcs ought to have been taught and trained by the older orcs. Garrosh WOW TBC Gold is believed to be the top Garadar orc combat-wise early on. However, his apathy and lethargy it's rather unfamiliar to me. Garrosh is also described in the novels as a person who battles Kor'kron daily. In his duel with Cairne his tactics are described as strong and capable, yet his youthfulness and confidence were eclipsed by the experience of the elder tauren. Saurfang also stated that he was an exceptional fighter, who had few rivals when it came to combat but his leadership poor and he wasn't able to see the larger picture as he was accustomed to the up close and in your face picture. It was a misunderstanding of his genetic predisposition for being an extremely skilled warrior (he is originally from the Warsong clan). What I'm getting at is Garrosh is a great warrior, with only a few short-comings.

My opinion is that Thrall had lost his skills and let them go to his shamanistic talents. Garrosh's genetics and ability are also reasons why Garrosh triumphed until Thrall invoked elements.

Thrall doesn't know what he's fighting. He's not fighting Garrosh in an effort to convince him of the wrongness of his ways or take him down, he's fighting him to feel guilty. Garrosh however is aware of what he's fighting and that's to punish Thrall. Garrosh kicks Thrall until Thrall realizes there can be no escape and that Garrosh has to be taken to court.

In the end, Garrosh has tons of direct experience fighting strong foes. Without Gorehowl's help, he was able to defeated Thrall in their first Mak'gora. After cutting Thrall off from the elements, he easily defeated Thrall in their second battle. It makes sense that he'd have won their third bout before the elements came into play.

Since magic isn't permitted for any reason whatsoever so it's not clear that Orc Warchiefs are warriors and leaders but not magic users. There is no reason to forget that warcraft's magic users universe have more cataclysmic power than non-magic players. Thrall is a hero's child and is tall. He is taller than most other orcs. His softer nature grew as he got more in tune with the elements and began to practice the shamanism. Garrosh, the son of heroes continued to sharpen his sword skills. He's also famous for his strength in warcraft.

If it were young pre-horde Thrall or young pre-horde Garrohs Then, sure, Thrall would probably slap him around.

Your argument is well thought out and follow logically. But you didn't mention Garrosh in the wotlk. He was a significant factor in cheap WOW Classic TBC Gold quite some things because he spent a few years fighting in northrend. It was one of his main reasons for being made warchief.


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